Spears/Handy Scholarship

The scholarships are dedicated to the memory of Mr. William T. Spears and Miss Mary-Bernadette H. Handy, both of whom were killed in a tragic automobile accident on February 28, 1982. Bill and Mary-Bernadette graduated from Westfield State College in 1980 and were engaged to be married in the spring of 1982. Both were active members of the College Community during their undergraduate days at Westfield State, and their commitment and dedication to the College continued after their graduation. Each was posthumously selected as Alumnus/Alumna of the year in 1983.

Any student in good academic standing is eligible for this award, however preference will be given to students majoring in Criminal Justice or Social Science. Students are asked to provide TWO (2) letters of recommendation from persons not related and have known applicant for at least two(2) years.

The William Spears/Mary-Bernadette Handy Memorial Scholarship
Supplemental Questions
  1. Reference Request: Applicants are required to provide two letters of recommendation from persons not related to you who have known you for at least two (2) years or whom you have met while a student at Westfield State.
    • Please enter in a name and email address of a reference provider
  2. List names and ages of all siblings. If any siblings are currently attending school, list schools.
  3. Please provide any current Financial Aid you will receiving for the upcoming Academic Year. If you are not receiving any aid, indicate amount as $0.
    • Amount in Grants
    • Amount in Loans
    • Amount in Scholarships
    • Amount in Work Study
    • Other aid (employment wages, paid internships or any other supplemental income)
  4. In your own words, (1) describe yourself; (2) explain why you applied for this scholarship; and (3) state the reasons not stated in #2 why this scholarship should be awarded to you.