The Henry Wefing "Journalism" Scholarship

Longtime Westfield State Communication Professor Henry Wefing died from lung cancer on May 21, 2015. He is sorely missed by all of us at Westfield State and by the many students he helped to guide to their degrees and careers. Henry began teaching at Westfield State in 1985, and he taught until he became ill in the fall of 2014. He was a greatly respected teacher, but he was also a much-loved mentor to so many. He was a dedicated guardian and conveyor of positive journalistic values, which reflected his 20 years of experience as a newspaper reporter and editor. Professor Wefing also founded and meticulously maintained a beautiful garden on campus which, in his honor, continues to grow fresh produce for the Westfield Food Pantry.

To keep Henry Wefing’s principles and memory alive at Westfield State, even as we mourn his loss, we have worked with his family members, including his wife Professor Marilyn Sandidge of the English Department, to establish the Henry Wefing Journalism Scholarship Fund. The purpose of the fund is to remind future journalism students in both English and Communication of the journalistic and human values Professor Wefing held dear, and to support deserving students in the pursuit of their degree at Westfield State University.


“When I was in middle school, my dad always told me that I should be a writer. It was his dream for me. I continued to pursue it, but I never thought that I would have any modicum of success. Every ethical journalist wants to write a piece that they can stand by, something wholesome….something bigger. This scholarship gave me an opportunity to do just that and I cannot thank you enough.”
~Michael Gonthier, Communications

“Receiving the Henry Wefing “Journalism” Scholarship means a lot to me, as Professor Wefing’s legacy has inspired me to continue my pursuit of a career in journalism."
-Tim Jaroche ’18, Communications