The Fredrick S. "Joe" Kareta Scholarship

The Fredrick S. "Joe" Kareta Scholarship

Joe Kareta ’10 was the kind of guy people turned to when they needed help, and that’s why he wanted to be a police officer. But Joe Kareta never got to join a police force. Just three months after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Westfield State in 2010, he was struck by a drunken driver while walking to the mailbox at his aunt’s house in South Hadley, and he died from his injuries. “Joe Kareta was a talented and remarkable young man who continually gave to others." In collaboration with the Westfield State Foundation, Inc., the Kareta family has created the Joe Kareta Scholarship which enables the family and the Westfield State community to remember and honor Joe and celebrate his legacy.


“Community service has always played a major role in my life. I have always enjoyed volunteering and I believe that if one person gives back, that it could create a chain effect where other people give back as well. When everyone is working together to make the community a safer and better place, it creates a positive environment for everyone.”
-Bryan Amaral, Criminal Justice

“I work two jobs during the school year, and work very hard to ensure that I’ll be able to continue school. With this scholarship, the burden placed on me was relieved significantly.”
-Savannah Waters, Criminal Justice and Psychology

“I’m honored and the scholarship is greatly appreciated to help me to continue my educational endeavors in the field of criminal justice. I will continue to work hard and prove myself worthy of your investment in my future.”
-Patrick T. White, Criminal Justice