The Dr. Loretta McHugh Scholarship

The Dr. Loretta McHugh Scholarship

Few instructors at Westfield State University could match what Dr. Loretta McHugh brought to her graduate level classes: a lifelong passion for learning and teaching; a devout belief in the value of public education; an intellect honed by years of academic inquiry; and two pet poodles, ensconced in a wicker basket with hair dyed a delicate shade of apricot to match their owner’s.

Dr. McHugh died in 1994, but the vibrant woman whose life was marked by a generous and idealistic spirit is remembered still by her students and family.

Giving defined and enriched Dr. McHugh’s life. A graduate from Bridgewater State College, Class of 1934, Loretta went on to receive her master’s degree from Harvard University and completed her studies in the doctoral program at BU’s School of Education. She served as Westfield State’s Director of Teacher Education. Her scholarship embodies what Dr. McHugh stood for, supporting public education to students entering the field of educating our youth.


“I appreciate the honor of receiving the Dr. Loretta McHugh Scholarship and hope that it will greatly help me in my future endeavors. I have wanted to be an educator since I was in the second grade.”
-Tricia Warren ’18, Special Education

“I am very honored to receive such a meaningful scholarship award. Dr. McHugh was clearly an inspirational individual; not to mention a devoted educator. I hope to follow in her footsteps and use my passion for teaching and learning to have a strong impact on my students, my colleagues, and public education in general. Dr. McHugh’s advocacy of public education, combined with her earnest efforts to keep improving her own education, is quite admirable and a perfect example to a future educator like myself.”
-Morgan Butler ’19, Elementary Education

“I want to say thank you very much for this scholarship. I am very humbled and appreciative of this opportunity to use this towards my education as well as making an impact on my future as an educator. I didn’t fully think that I was going to get a scholarship so this put a big smile on my face!”
-Zachary Riccio ’23, Early Childhood Education and Liberal Studies