Kamal Ali Scholarship

This scholarship honors Dr. Kamal Ali’s dedication to student achievement and global experiences, and will support his goal of providing students with opportunities to fulfill their dreams by providing financial support. Preference given to a Muslim student OR support to a student interested in studying in a trans-formative trip abroad. Preference given to students travelling to Ghana, West Africa, or as a participant in any of the programs offered in the International Exchange Program at WSU.

Applicants must be full-time day student or in a CGCE undergraduate program at WSU with a GPA of 2.5 or higher.

The Dr. Kamal Ali Scholarship
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you a student of Muslim faith?
  2. Are you planning on traveling abroad within the next Academic year?
  3. If Yes to traveling abroad, where will you be traveling?
  4. Describe the qualifications that make you a candidate for this scholarship.